Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Camping & Hiking in the White Mountains

This past weekend for Memorial Day we drove up to the White Mountains to camp and do a little hiking.The weather was wonderful and other than the massive mosquito's it couldn't have been a better weekend.

We arrived early Sunday morning and went on a short 2 mile hike up some beautiful falls. NH is the granite state and you can definitely tell because there are an insane amount of rocks around.

We set up our tent for the night and made some dinner of sausages and baked beans. 
After a surprisingly good nights sleep we made our eggs and toast for breakfast and then headed out for a more rigorous hike/climb.

Our 5 mile hike to the top of Mt. Hedgehog was a little more intense that Sundays little hike but it was worth it

28 weeks!


This was the actual trail at one point. A little freaky walking that close to the edge. 

The White Mountains reminded me of The Lord Of The Rings movies. I felt like I was walking the road to mordor.

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