Friday, April 26, 2013

A Weekend In Maine

 Recently we traveled up to Maine to visit our friends the Marshall's. They live outside of Bangor out in the country on a lake. It was a fun relaxing weekend and our first little road trip since George was born. Three and a half hours in the car is the longest ride he's been on. He did pretty well overall. The weather was crummy on the way up but thankfully it warmed up a bit and it wasn't snowing or raining. 

Maine has some of the best local ice cream and lots of it. 

Jono and Bonnie preparing our tasty meal Saturday night. 

These are the beautiful views right outside their back door. It makes me miss living in the country even more.

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chloe said...

WOW they have a great spot! i've always wanted a lake and a jumping dock like that.