Tuesday, April 2, 2013


 Easter Sunday was spent celebrating our risen Lord at church in the morning, eating lamb for dinner, and taking our first spring hike. It was nice and warm (50's) and we tried to soak up as much as the sunshine as possible. 

Nathans vest I made and my dress was a vintage find from before I found out we were pregnant with George. I'm finally getting to wear it this spring/summer. Georges cute little outfit was my older brother Phillips that my mom made and his adorable hat (I think) was Nathans dads. 

His saddle shoes were Nathans

Our braised lamb shanks with parmesan polenta and roasted brussel sprouts.

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chloe said...

i remember those saddle shoes. he lost one of them on the amtrak on one of our day trips to florida from jesup...it was a hunt running through all the cars looking for it.

your hair cut looks really good on you!