Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dumpling Update: 8 Months

George was 8 months on Monday. It's taken all week to find the camera cord so I could upload these pictures. George has accomplished quite a lot in the last four weeks. Learning to crawl and getting teeth is hard work though so no one has been sleeping much. The last few nights have been a little better and so far he's been taking 2 one and a half hour naps. This is huge for George. Hopefully he'll keep it up! Taking pictures this month was a little more difficult because he's mobile. All he wanted to do was get the camera.

Weight: 17 pounds 8 ounces
Length: 27.5 inches

New Skills/Happenings:
has 2 teeth! (just in the last week)
army crawls across the floor
can get from sitting down to his stomach without face-planting
is becoming more and more vocal
is taking 2 decent naps a day
still gets up 1-2 times at night
eats 3 real food meals a day
loves to swing
will do anything to get to a cell phone
loves to watch himself in the mirror
likes to look at books
loves Cameron (the 10 mo. old I keep)
went on his first weekend trip & 3 1/2 hr. car ride

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