Sunday, September 14, 2014

Party Party

We had a little party for George the week after his birthday. Because most of the kids his age take afternoon naps I decided to do it in the morning and serve brunch. George is obsessed with donuts so instead of a cake I just piled up glazed donuts and put a candle on top. It was so easy that I think I'll probably do a brunch birthday for Edith's first birthday next year.
The theme was things on wheels since that's all he cares about right now. It made decorating easy since I just used all of his toys.

I would have loved to set up everything in the yard but the grass was really wet and it was cloudy so it wouldn't have dried out. We set up the tables and chairs in the driveway and it turned out fine.

George was pretty excited about his candle and donut.

The sandbox was a huge hit! I don't think the kids did anything else other than dig the whole time.

Family picture with the birthday boy! It's been a fun 2 years kiddo.

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