Tuesday, July 14, 2015

4th Of July In Maine

 After we attended a picnic on Friday the 3rd we loaded up and drove up to Bangor, Maine. We have great friends that we had not seen since last October. The kids slept half of the 3 hour drive and did great for the last bit that they were awake.

We started off the weekend with the 4th of July parade in downtown. You would have thought that it was the best parade in the world by how George was behaving. He wore himself out yelling and clapping.

Sunday after noon was pretty warm so we ran down to Gifford's for some ice cream. They had the best baby cones for the kids. Our local ice cream shops have a tendency to make the portions way to large. Giffords's were perfect. 

All of George's closest buddies have received fishing poles in the last few months and George has really, really been wanting one too. Nathan bought him one while we were out of town. He practiced his cast all weekend.

Monday morning we headed to downtown again for breakfast and a little exploring. We had bagels at a local spot called Bagel Central. Our kids were up early so technically this was second breakfast. 

I was really impressed with downtown Bangor. We were told that a lot of work has gone into the area in the last few years. Nathan picked up some great local beer in the Bottles & Cans shop pictured below.

After walking about for a bit we popped into the Maine Discovery Museum. We were so glad that we checked it out. It was amazing!! I'm pretty sure we were there for almost 2 hours and we didn't get to enjoy all the exhibits. George, of course, enjoyed it the most but Edith had blast as well.

We can't wait for our next visit. This one was our best yet and it's just going to get better once the kids can all play together.

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