Sunday, July 19, 2015

One Morning In Maine

Nathan had the week after 4th of July off so we did a little exploring close to home. One morning we got up and headed over to Kittery, Maine. We had been told by multiple people to check out Lil's Cafe. Apparently they make a mean cruller, and we decided it was time to give it a try. 
 Oh boy! Did that cruller not disappoint! It was by far the best donut I've ever had. We also tried their biscuits with egg and cheese and also a cappuccino. It was a so very yummy and we will definitely be back.

 After breakfast we walked around a bit. We had never explored Kittery yet so it was a fun to see a bit of a new spot.

Folk is a little shop that sells a lot of local and US made items. They had a beautiful straw hat that I really liked but sadly they didn't have my size.

A view of Portsmouth from across the river.

On our way out before heading to the York Zoo Nathan I split a smoothie from Maine Squeeze. It was the perfect refuel before taking on the zoo.

Sadly by the time we made it to the zoo the kids were getting pretty tired. I was hoping to see an elephant, giraffe and maybe a rhino. There were a lot of monkey's and a zebra, lion, and tiger but that was about as exciting as it got.

 Even being tired the kids really enjoyed it. I thought Edith might fall asleep in the Ergo but she's so crazy about animals she was way too excited for a nap.

It was a great day spending time together as a family. I'll take a fun day anytime!

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