Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No More Facebook!

Ok...I have decided to delete my facebook account. I personally think facebook has become quite ridicules and a waste of time really. I haven't really used it to keep up with people and especially now that I'm blogging there is no real reason to have it. The only thing I like about facebook is being able to upload pictures but I already have gmail where I can upload more pictures for friends and family to see. Click HERE to view my pictures.


Nathan said...

I'm glad someone agrees with me about facebook! Your pictures of McPherson brings back fond memories and I saw some people I knew!

laurel said...

Whaaaaaaat?!!! No...more...facebook?!!! Say it isn't soooooooo!!!!

Melissa said...

thanks, molly - i think i will swipe persuasion next!! i am planning to get wives and daughters from netflix closer to christmas when my work load slows a bit...i can't wait!