Monday, December 15, 2008

Productive Day

Today was a regular Monday of washing clothes, cleaning and running errands. After I got most of my things done I headed to Charlotte's for some more projects. We made baklava and homemade apple sauce. It was loads of fun! I can't wait to try the baklava tomorrow.

The making of the apple sauce was super easy and fun. I just quartered the apples and tossed them in a pot to cook down. After they were cooked we put them through Mrs. Debbie's Squeezo which removes the seeds and skin. I've got to save up my money and get one of those. They list of things I could process is endless! This would be great during the summer to use for all the things I could grow in a garden.

Snow White and her caramel's almost as large as her head! I think she just licked all the caramel off and left the apple. :)

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Brandy said...

Houston would like some baklava