Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Asheville Part 2: Food, Food & More Food we go!

This is the first restaurant we visited in Asheville on Saturday. We ate around 11:30 but they serve breakfast all day so of course we at breakfast!

I thought these juice glasses were supper cute.

Nathan had eggs Benedict...yummy

Spinach, sausage & cheese omelet for me

Jack Of The Wood/Green Man Brewing Co.
This place was great! The beer was wonderful (check Nathan's blog soon) and the food was yummy.

We started out with some wonderful Scotch Eggs. Unfortunately the pictures aren't great because I hate using a flash in a dark restaurants.

Nathan's lamb burger topped with blue cheese and a side of sweet potato fries.

I had some yummy shrimp taco's!

After dinner we stopped by The Sisters McMullen for a sweet treat.

Tupelo Honey Cafe
I've heard that this cafe was really good and we weren't disappointed. We sat at the bar and got to watch all the action.

What fun lights!

Nathan ordered Petunia’s Pain Perdu which is two pieces of New Orleans-style French toast made with local challah bread topped with cinnamon sugar, blueberry sauce, and toasted almonds
I ordered a Sweet Potato Pancake. It was huge! I could only eat half of it.

This was another restaurant that I was told was really good by a couple people I know. They serve Mexican and Caribbean food. Neither one of us have eaten much Caribbean food so we were excited to try something different.

Mexican-Caribbean Plato: Jerk chicken, corn pimento relish, chipotle sauce, sofrito grits and beans. It was amazing!!

Molcajetes: A hot lava rock filled with yummy goodness. Nathan chose the Slow Roasted Pork with Orange-Fennel Sauce.

It came out hot and bubbly and continued to bubble through the entire meal. I've never seen Nathan nervous about food but he wasn't sure what to do with it at first. It was really tasty though once he dove in!

Early Girl Eatery
Out of all the places we ate breakfast this was my favorite. I think it was because it reminded me of the Sugar Magnolia.

Isn't this the cutest logo?
Buttery biscuit with egg, cheese and country ham.

Sweet Potato scramble...yummy


ms. chloe peppercorn said...

i've been to jack of the wood and early girl...also favorite places of fact, there really isn't a place i've eaten there that wasn't good.

Melissa said...

looks yummy! definitely a good review of where to eat in asheville!

Melissa said...

i think those juice glasses are cute, i looked and found them at crate and barrel!! brew mug.