Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Don't Worry Melissa We'll Do It Again

We have been waiting for Melissa (sister-in-law) to come up for her visit to make this Grilled Vegetable Pizza.
Unfortunately her tip has fallen through the last two times she planned to come. We decided to go ahead and give the pizza a go two weekends ago. It was amazing!

We did not use the crust recipe that Cooking Light used. I made our usual whole wheat crust but if you choose to do this make sure you cut in half. The crust will be took thick and won't cook all the way if you use all of it.

We also used goat cheese instead of fontina.

It's a little more work than your usual pizza but it is worth the extra time and effort. Try it!


Melissa said...

yes! i'll take some of that!!!

Susie Mae said...

I just made a goat cheese pizza myself the other day! This looks DELCIOUS!!!
In the interest of getting to share wonderful culinary creations with you (meaning I want to eat everything I've ever seen you making), do you know anybody looking to hire a full-time graphic designer in the Charlotte area?