Thursday, June 24, 2010


My sister-in-law Melissa and her youngest Lucie came up for the weekend last week. It was the third time Melissa had tried to get up here for a visit and they finally made it! We had a great time running around to all the places that people in south Ga only dream about.

Lucie pretty much looked at me like this the whole weekend...

...she LOVED Nathan, of course. By Sunday she was best friends with her uncle and still not so sure about me. Oh well, maybe when she's older I'll bribe her with baked goods or let her help me roll out sugar cookies.

On Saturday we went to our favorite antique store and we found lots of great things like this HUGE whisk that Melissa bought for me! I tried it out last night and it beats eggs like a wonder. Oh and we finally found some vintage metal lawn furniture! I'll have to save that for a different post but Nathans already finished restoring one of the pieces.


Melissa said...

don't worry...i'm sure that when she is able to weigh her options - sugar cookies or walk outside to see the motorcycle - cookies will most definitely win out!!

ms. chloe peppercorn said...

lucie doesn't like me either.